Life Coaching


Life’s hard, and we all find ourselves stuck at times.


Whether you are facing a major milestone, feeling uncertain, unsatisfied, unhappy, frustrated, or regularly stressed-out, Life Coaching may be just what you need to find your desire to push forward. learn how to see your circumstances from a different perspective and help re-align your life with your goals and desires.


6-Week Program: Through 6-weeks of private 1:1 Life Coaching, Coach Nikki will help you address various aspects of your life – all equally (i.e., holistic/balanced) important to feeling a sense of balance and satisfaction. Each session will be tailored to your unique circumstances, and most importantly, your personal goals and desires for the future. Using various holistic Coaching tools, Coach Nikki will assist you in finding a greater sense of self, ultimately finding a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment within your daily life. Program Cost: Two installments of $225.

4-Week Virtual Program: This 4-week program will help you develop a greater mind/body connection and teach you how to find healing in whatever circumstances you may be experiencing.  Learn how to make intentional thoughts that will align you to your personal goals and desires. Program Cost: $80 one-time fee.

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